28-40/44 pin, 0.5k-8k word (0.7-14k bytes) Devices, Download Datasheets 
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PICmicro flexible microcontroller solutions provide results!

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A broad spectrum of analog products with a focus on power management, thermal management, linear and mixed-signal solutions

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KEELOQ is a patented code-hopping technology

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A broadest selections of memory devices on the market for embedded control applications

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Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID)
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New UHF radio frequency 8-bit microcontrollers

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28-40/44 pin, 0.5k-8k word (0.7-14k bytes) Devices, Download Datasheets

Microcontrollers without analog capability - 28-40/44 pin, 0.5k-8k word (0.7-14k bytes) Devices

PIC16C55 Device

PIC16C55A Device

PIC16C57 Device

PIC16C57C Device

PIC16CR57B Device

PIC16CR57C Device

PIC16C62A Device

PIC16C62B Device

PIC16CR62 Device

PIC16C63 Device

PIC16C63A Device

PIC16CR63 Device

PIC16C64A Device

PIC16C65A Device

PIC16C65B Device

PIC16CR65 Device

PIC16C66 Device

PIC16C67 Device

PIC17C42 Device

PIC17C42A Device

PIC17C43 Device

PIC17CR43 Device

PIC17C44 Device

PIC16C62 Device

PIC16C64 Device

PIC16C65 Device

PIC16CR64 Device

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