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Download Datasheets TC835 Device

TC835CBU 64-Pin PQFP 0 C to +70 C TC835CKW 44-Pin PQFP 0 C to +70 C The TC835 is a low-power,4-1/2 digit (0.005%resolu- tion),BCD analog-to-digital converter (ADC)that has been characterized for 200 kHz clock rate operation.The five conversions per second rate is nearly twice as fast as the ICL7135 or TC7135.The TC835 (like the TC7135)does not use the external diode-resistor roll-over error compen- sation circuits required by the ICL7135. The multiplexed BCD data output is perfect for inter- facing to personal computers.The low-cost,greater than 14-bit high-resolution,and 100 V sensitivity makes the TC835 exceptionally cost-effective. Microprocessor-based data acquisition systems are supported by the BUSY and STROBE outputs,along with the RUN/HOLD input of the TC835.The overrange,under- range,busy,and run/hold control functions and multi- plexed BCD data outputs make the TC835 the ideal converter for P-based scales and measurement systems and intelligent panel meters.* The TC835 interfaces with full-function LCD and LED display decoder/drivers.The UNDERRANGE and OVERRANGE outputs may be used to implement an auto- ranging scheme or special display functions.

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

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TC835 Datasheet


Download TC835 Datasheet


In Production

Specification Chart


Supply Voltage (V)

Input Voltage Range (V)

Resolution (Digits)

Resolution (Counts)

Max Power (mW)

Data Interface




4 1/2




Additional Features

Upgrade of Pin-Compatible TC7135, ICL7135,
MAX7135 and SI7135
Guaranteed 200 kHz Operation
Single 5V Operation With TC7660
Multiplexed BCD Data Output
UART and Microprocessor Interface
Control Outputs for Auto-Ranging
Input Sensitivity 100 V
No Sample and Hold Required

Package Options

64 PQFP(QF), 44 PQFP(QF), 1 1000pF COB(1C), 2008-2015 - download datasheets