Download Datasheets TC170 Device 
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Download Datasheets TC170 Device

The TC170 brings low-power CMOS technology to the current-mode-switching power supply controller market. Maximum supply current is 3.8 mA.Bipolar current-mode control integrated circuits require five times more operating current. The dual totem-pole CMOS outputs drive power MOSFETs or bipolar transistors.The 50nsec typical output rise and fall times (1000pF capacitive loads)minimize MOSFET power dissipation.Output peak current is 300mA. The TC170 contains a full array of system-protection circuits (see features). Current-mode control lets users parallel power supply modules.Two or more TC170 controllers can be slaved together for parallel operation.Circuits can operate from a master TC170 internal oscillator or an external system oscillator. The TC170 operates from an 8V to 16V power supply. An internal 2%,5.1V reference minimizes external component count.The TC170 is pin compatible with the Unitrode UC1846/2846/3846 bipolar controller. Other advantages inherent in current-mode control include superior line and load regulation and automatic symmetry correction in push-pull converters.

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

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TC170 Datasheet


Download TC170 Datasheet


In Production

Specification Chart


Input Voltage (V)

Quiescent Current (mA)

Maximum Frequency (kHz)

Current mode

8 to 16



Additional Features

Low Supply Current With CMOS Technology 3.8mA Max
Internal Reference 5.1V
Fast Rise/Fall Times (CL = 1000pF) 50nsec
Dual Push-Pull Outputs
Direct-Power MOSFET Drive
High Totem-Pole Output Drive 300mA
Differential Current-Sense Amplifier
Programmable Current Limit
Soft-Start Operation
Double-Pulse Suppression
Undervoltage Lockout
Wide Supply Voltage Operation 8V to 16V
High Frequency Operation 200kHz
Available with Low OFF State Outputs
Low Power, Pin-Compatible Replacement for UC3846

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